Hersonslea are delighted to offer you a complete and comprehensive service, from choosing the optimum location for you at the project’s inception to giving you the key to your stunningly furnished home.

Our bespoke services are there to assist you with every stage in-between. We make sure you have a beautiful interior, exterior and living space to provide you with a stunning home that reflects our high quality finish combined with your personal touch.


James Craig

Head of land acquisition

Land Acquisition

As developers with over 20 years in construction, landowners can be confident in the knowledge that we will deliver quality homes on the land they previously owned. Our specialist team of Land Buyers led by James Craig and Planners led by Simon Warner has enabled Heronslea to secure planning permission for over 300 units of high quality, sustainable homes which are in sympathy with the local environment. We pride ourselves on the fact that our relationships with landowners are always professional, thorough and courteous and we always ensure that they are kept informed at each stage of the planning process if required. They know that they are able to get a quick decision or answer at any time, as all the Directors at Heronslea have day-to-day hands-on involvement.

If you are a land owner we will happily discuss either an outright purchase of the property or a joint venture. We also do not sell on land that we have bought and earmarked for a Heronslea development. So, if you believe you have land that may be suitable for development and are looking to sell to a developer with a more positive outlook than most, then Heronslea is the partner company to contact. We are happy to meet you, without obligation, and to freely advise on what opportunities could be developed.


Our in-house professional planning team has a proven successful track-record, working with landowners and local authorities to obtain the necessary permissions for sustainable residential schemes that comply with current planning regulations.

Great care and attention is placed upon our environmental responsibilities and the vital elements of good design and quality of build to provide attractive homes that will stand the test of time. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly to discuss any planning queries that you may have.


Jamie Rishover

Head of project development


Jamie Rishover oversees all project development on a day-to-day basis and with an eye for detail involves himself with the interior specifications of the developments. Jamie thrives on producing homes people dream of living in and relishes the involvement from the initial idea through to delivery. Please do not hesitate to contact Jamie to discuss any project development matters.

We are proud of the homes that we build and clients of a Heronslea home benefit from the of materials and finishes that we use.

Environmental, energy saving and eco-friendly considerations dictate the specification of every element in the construction of our developments.

Our construction teams have a positive ‘pride in their job’ approach throughout the build process.

Heronslea homes are much in demand and their high ‘off-plan’ demand from buyers is a key motivator to ‘getting it right first time’.


Our highly trained Sales Consultants will assist clients to select the most suitable plot for their requirements and advise them on the purchasing process. Once a reservation has been made, they will also continually liaise and communicate with the buyer in keeping them up-to-date on the build timetable.

We also work with the most professional local estate agents who are familiar with the area and in selling quality homes.

Our commitment to all our buyers is to ensure that we keep them informed at all times about their new home and to respond quickly to any questions that they may have.


Claudia Handel

Interior design director

Interior Design

The professional team led by Claudia Handel, have contacts with craftsmen and suppliers from all over the world, enabling them to source the right furnishings, furniture, wall coverings and accessories to make the difference in creating a unique interior ambience. At  Heronslea we provide our clients with a specialist in-house Interior Design service, helping  to create their own ideal of a truly stylish, personal and comfortable home. From planning through to completion we will work with you at any stage of your build advising you on fixtures and fittings as well as lighting, electrics and layout.

During the design stage our team uses the latest technology, Auto CAD and Photoshop to illustrate the effect that will be created. These services are available not only on newly built homes, but also as a stand alone service to refresh lived in homes or as a natural addition to renovation or extension work on an existing property. Please do not hesitate to contact Claudia Handel directly at our head office to discuss any interior design queries that you may have.


Kristy Vandenbroeck

After-care manager

After Care

Kristy Vandenbroeck is our experienced After-Care Manager and is responsible for ensuring that every aspect of the finish and build is kept to the highest standards of Heronslea quality.  If there are any issues that are identified, however small ,then they are rectified immediately. Please do not hesitate to contact Kristy directly at our head office to discuss any after-care queries that you may have.

Our commitment to building homes of the highest quality and finest design is reflected in the successes we have had in ensuring that owners of Heronslea homes are very happy with their properties.

But we are always looking to see how we can improve on the service we give to all our buyers.

Our excellent reputation is what we value and we are totally committed to protecting it.

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